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Mastering Healthy Habits


A self-paced, online course to turn your healthy living dreams into habits that actually stick!


All lab testing must accompany 1:1 services to provide a thorough analysis and treatment protocol.

Blood Labs ($ varies)

Comprehensive labs can be ordered based on dietitian recommendations for patient needs. Lab draws will take place at a facility, like LabCorp, near you.

HTMA ($100)

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is a unique way to measure mineral and heavy metal status. The hair sample assess how much your body is utilizing and processing the nutrients and metals over a roughly 3 month time period rather than looking at a single point in time. This is an at-home hair test that will be mailed to the lab.

GI-MAP ($435)

Comprehensive and highly sensitive gut health test. Recommended for those with autoimmune conditions, unidentified food intolerances, IBS/IBD, or any other unexplained GI complaints. This is an at-home stool test that you will mail to the lab.

DUTCH Plus ($525)

Assessment of sex and adrenal hormones, and the cortisol awakening response. This is an at-home urine and saliva test that you will mail to the lab.

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